A Stronger Future for EUWIN

Steven Dhondt

During the final conference of the EU FP7 SI-DRIVE project, EUWIN organised a separate workshop to discuss its own future. As you know, the European Commission (partly) financed the first four years of the network. We are now in our fifth year and are maintaining the network through the efforts of our partners.

It was clear from the workshop that partners remain convinced of the need for EUWIN as a public resource, free to all stakeholders at the point of delivery, and supported by its partners. EUWIN received commitments from TNO, Workplace Innovation Europe CLG, HIVA-KUL (Belgium), Vinnova, University of Agder (Norway), TEKES (Finland) and Sinnergiak (Basque Country), all of whom are working together to stimulate and inform workplace innovation across Europe, and to support regional, national and EU policymakers.

EUWIN will also collaborate with other networks such as Fresh Thinking Labs, EODF, EFQM and CSR, recognising that while each plays an important role in reaching its own audience, our voice is stronger when we act in concert.

During the early part of 2018 we will relaunch the EUWIN Knowledge Bank with fresh ideas and material, and welcome contributions of case studies, articles, blogs or anything that contributes insights, knowledge or experience.

In its first five years, EUWIN has curated a vast body of evidence to show that workplace innovation transforms the fortunes of companies and employees alike. We also know how policymakers, social partners, researchers, consultants and other stakeholders can help to achieve these outcomes by raising awareness, creating resources for change, and facilitating shared learning.

Everyone can be part of this movement – so join us!

Read our draft position paper here

Save the date!

EUWIN’s 2018 Conference is on 8th – 10th October, hosted by the University of Agder, Norway, with presentations by keynote speakers, business leaders, panel discussions and dialogue!

Watch this space . . .