Unleashing Workplace Innovation in Estonia!


           Location: Energia Avastuskeskus, Põhja pst 29, 10415 Tallinn, Estonia
           Date: 31st May 2016
           Details and draft agenda: here.

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Estonia conference to demonstrate that workplaces can be happy and productive places

Drawing on the increasing interest in workplace innovation practices currently being generated in Estonia, a conference is to be held in Tallinn in May to discuss how the concept works in practice and how businesses can effectively implement it.

‘Unleashing Workplace Innovation in Estonia’ is expected to attract more than 100 delegates drawn from businesses throughout Estonia as well as policymakers, employers’ organisations and trade unions. Its aim is to raise awareness of workplace innovation and to share good practices from other European countries.

The conference is part of a Europe-wide programme of events organised by EUWIN (European Workplace Innovation Network), a learning network that promotes EU-wide knowledge-sharing on workplace innovation. It will be hosted by Enterprise Estonia, the National Innovation Agency.

A draft programme can be found here. For more information please contact: Steven Dhondt (EUWIN Co-ordinator).


Meet the speakers

Tiina Saar-Veelmaa is a psychologist, lecturer, consultant, and educator, whose main research subjects include workplace happiness, balanced life and wholesome work culture. She has inspired hundreds of organisations and thousands of employees and job seekers in Estonia.

Since 2011, Tiina has worked as the workplace happiness advocate of software development company AS Proekspert, who has created original staff philosophy that was awarded II place at PARE human resources competition in 2014 and gained international attention at the innovation conference held in Vilnius in June 2015.

She also works as career advisor and therapist under her own trademark Aaretesaar.ee and has been a lecturer of elective course of career planning at Rocca al Mare School for the last seven years.

Simmo Soomets is the MD of Sveba-Dahlen Baltic OÜ. Sveba-Dahlen Group with headquarters in Sweden is the largest bakery equipment producer in the Nordics. Simmo is responsible for production in the Viljandi site, sales and service operations in the Baltics and running the sales units in Hong Kong and China.

Helena Lass has been working with people for 15 years. Initially as a medical doctor, helping to deal with burnout, depression and other down-sides of life, more recently as a passionate entrepreneur. She focuses on intra-personal skills and how these are exactly the qualities that determine weather the challenges at workplaces make employees thrive or succumb, directly influencing work culture and outcome.

Helena is the founder of Conscious Initiative PLC and Wellness Orbit, emphasizing that the huge deficit in intra-personal skills is the root cause of many modern problems - problems that can be solved easily with education and personal responsibility.

Klaas-Jan Reincke is a Dutch entrepreneur and trainer, who has been living in Estonia since 2002. He has been analysing organisations for over 20 years and has come to understand that the difference between an OK organisation and a great one is in the experience of working for it. Together with 3 other co-founders, he is building up Vivic, The Work Design Lab, which provides organisations with innovative, science-based services that allow them to build engagement for their people. 

Martin Kõiva has been with PipeDrive, a company that provides sales management software, just over 2 years and has mostly been focusing on growing the customer support department. Over that time, his the department has gone from 7 people to close to 50 support and sales representatives.

The team communicates directly with the 30 000+ companies that use Pipedrive all over the world. Martin comes from a PR and e-commerce background.

Resato is a leading manufacturer in high pressure technologies and Ton Driessen is a strong believer in people capital. When he and a colleague bought the company five years ago there was too much authority concentrated at the top. Under their leadership self-organised teamworking was introduced, empowering operators to perform at their best together. Ton is particularly insistent that work should be fun!

Read more about Resato's approach here.

According to Tomas Jaskelevičius, Business Development Manager at Arginta, “There are no bad employees, just bad managers”. Tomas and his senior management team at this Lithuanian engineering company believe strongly that quality and improvement should be owned by everyone in the company rather than policed by management. Quality issues are resolved directly on the production floor, frontline employees are actively empowered to drive improvement and innovation, and the focus is on shared learning rather than blame when things go wrong.

As a senior advisor at the Danish trade union CO-Industri, Peter Dragsbæk works closely with enterprise-level forums (“Collaboration Councils”), providing hands-on support and signposting to evidence-based workplace innovation practices. He has extensive experience of employee-drive innovation in Danish workplaces. Read more here.

Elisabeth Sundin is Professor of Business Administration at the University of Linköping and a member of the Research and Innovation Council for the HELIX VINN Excellence Centre. HELIX focuses on innovation development with a strong emphasis on the workplace. The vision for HELIX is one of partnership with companies and other stakeholders, carrying out research and innovation activities that contribute significantly to scientific knowledge and, at the same time, add value to the companies with whom it collaborates.

Clare Alexander has recently been appointed to lead Scottish Enterprise's (SE) Workplace Innovation support - encouraging businesses to make the most of more diverse, engaged and talented workforces and fair and responsible business practices. SE is Scotland’s economic development agency, funded by the Scottish Government.  Its aim is to position Scotland as an innovative, high wage and high productivity economy that competes in international markets and focuses on high value goods and services.  To achieve this, it aims to ‘shift the dial’ in Scotland’s economic performance.

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