Engage for Success

(From euwin's London Conference - 2nd December 2013)

David MacLeod’s keynote address was one of the highlights of the Conference. David and Co-Chair Nita Clarke lead Engage for Success, a remarkable movement committed to the idea that there is a better way to work, a better way to enable personal growth, organisational growth and ultimately growth for Britain by releasing more of the capability and potential of people at work.

David is passionate about employee engagement both as a driver of economic growth and for well-being. The powerful evidence and analysis contained within the MacLeod Review  (2009) has raised the profile of workplace practices in the UK, demonstrating the scale of the task ahead. Survey after survey indicates that only around one third of UK workers say they are engaged, and employee disengagement is clearly having a negative impact on productivity and innovation.

David draws on research from London Business School to argue that engaged employees do not only perform better in relation to their functional tasks but they also look for new ways of adding value to business processes and find direct opportunities to innovate.

Companies such as Red Gate Software and Innocent (featured in Euwin’s Employee Driven Innovation video ) recognise that commitment to innovation must be embedded in organisational culture and working practice – it is not an add-on.

As a social movement, Engage for Success is seeking to change the tide of management thinking in the UK, recruiting a large army of volunteers from business, research and consultancy to drive the new agenda forward. There is clearly a natural synergy with Euwin, and we look forward to a continuing partnership.

 See David’s presentation below and download his slides here.

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