Europe’s challenge

(From euwin's London Conference, 2nd December 2013)

Grzegorz Drozd of the European Commission’s DG Enterprise & Industry stressed the EU’s commitment to workplace innovation as a key element in building European competitiveness. euwin is growing as an exciting and dynamic network connecting enterprises, researchers and other stakeholders across Europe. 

See Grzegorz’s speech below and find out more about euwin and the EU policy context here. 

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Greet Vermeylen of Eurofound  (the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions) outlined the scale of the challenge facing Europe, drawing on the results of the European Company Survey 2013  and the European Working Conditions Survey). For example, Duncan Gallie and Ying Zhou’s analysis of the Working Conditions Survey shows that just 27% of European workplaces enjoy high levels of employee involvement and task discretion. Worse, nearly 40% are characterised as "Low Involvement Organisations" with profound effects for their economic performance and employee well-being. 

See Greet’s presentation below  and download her slides here.

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A panel discussion led by Steven Dhondt (TNO), Anthony Kallevig (Norwegian Trade Union Confederation), Herman Kok (The Lindum Group) and Aoife Ni Luanaigh (UKCES) explored the challenge from the perspective of different stakeholders.  

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