Forum Theatre – resourcing for workplace innovation and engagement

(From London Conference 2nd December 2013)

Unlocking employee creativity is one of the key challenges of workplace innovation to improve performance and enhance working life.

Participants at the Conference experienced a particularly powerful tool for achieving this end. Forum Theatre is a dynamic and interactive event that helps to release employee inhibitions that prevent them from expressing their views while engaging them in critical reflection and creative thinking through facilitated dialogue and collaboration. Discover more about forum theatre here.

Forum Theatre focuses on organisational practices and culture, not individual behaviour or performance. It is not role-play, is not intimidating and it works for any size or type of group event!

Forum Theatre in Action

After confidential discussions with managers and employees which build a picture of the organisation, experienced actors present their audience with an intriguing set of relationships, challenges and dilemmas in a fictional workplace not too unlike their own.

Audiences are invited to challenge the characters about their actions, motivations and working methods, and to suggest ways in which better outcomes might be achieved. In so doing, participants gain a unique opportunity to reflect on their own organisation’s practices and to discover ways in which improvements might be made.

Forum Theatre can address positive opportunities for innovation as well as long-standing problems and obstacles. It is aimed at positive organisational outcomes including: enhancing communication 

  • reinforcing trust and confidence 

  • building versatility and team working 

  • harmonising systems and procedures 

  • creating a continuous improvement culture 

  • encouraging leadership and creativity throughout the organisation 

  • establishing a partnership approach to managing recovery from the current crisis

The Forum Theatre experience helps employees at all levels of the organisation realise they can intervene with new ideas and their voice will be heard. 

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