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(From London Conference 2nd December 2013)

Microsoft UK’s People Vision is to be the technology employer of choice where people have the opportunity to do what they do best every day and work towards realising their potential. In other words:

Come as you are, do what you love”

HR Director Theresa McHenry’s inspiring presentation  demonstrated how the company is striving to live its values by attracting and developing the best talent, delivering results through real teamwork and setting an example in day-to-day working life. 

You can see Theresa’s presentation below and download the slides here

There is much more about Microsoft’s approach on its website.

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During the afternoon panel discussion , Mary Giles (UK Compensation and Benefits Manager) and Matthew Partovi (Yammer) explained Microsoft’s approach in more detail. Matt is leading The Responsive Organisation , a remarkable new network dedicated to sharing ideas and innovations about work and workplaces.

Edwin van Vlieberghe explained how Bombardier’s approach to teamworking is based on trust and empowerment.

The culture of trust also extends to openness and collaboration with trade unions, and under Edwin’s leadership a sense of common purpose has been established which transcends traditional industrial relations. 

Jean-Baptiste Obeniche discussed how collaborative platforms with unions and employees have also driven workplace innovation in EdF. Smarter ways of working which enable the company to address stress and improve performance are emerging from a joint study visit and from other activities that enable shared learning and reflection. Jean Baptiste explained the “how to” in more depth at the Masterclass on 3rd December. Details will be published soon.

In contrast Fokke Wijnstra described an organisation which is remarkably free of formal structures. Finext is a financial consulting company without bosses or organisational divisions, one in which teams and decisions emerge.  More detail will emerge from the findings of the Masterclass are published; meanwhile you can read an article  and see a short video in which Fokke explains Finext’s way of working. 

Watch the full panel discussion below.

 “Video provided by Octopus HR Software”  

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