So what is workplace innovation?

(From euwin's London Conference - 2nd December 2013)

Euwin’s animated video  provided delegates with a clear and memorable answer. It has already been viewed many times before and after the conference and will provide a useful resource for euwin Ambassadors.

Professor Peter Totterdill explained how Euwin is building bridges between academic knowledge and practice. The Fifth Element  will inspire and resource change in enterprises, bringing together diverse research evidence on the business and employee benefits of workplace innovation. Euwin has also produced a brief summary of the business case for workplace innovation.

The Fifth Element will also provide the framework for euwin’s new Knowledge Bank, enabling managers and workers to explore stories of real change and to discover practical tools that they can use in their own workplaces. You can see a preview here

See Peter’s presentation  below and download the slides here.

“Video provided by Octopus HR Software”  

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