How can public policy promote productive, healthy workplaces?

We know that workplace innovation can make an important contribution to major policy goals such as the knowledge economy, productivity, skills development, labour market inclusion and health. The problem is that only a minority of companies in Europe take full advantage of the working practices and cultures that achieve these ends.

The majority of governments in Europe don’t yet recognise that there are plenty of ways in which they can intervene to help close the gap between good practice and common practice. Yet there are several European countries with a solid record of achievement in stimulating, resourcing and sustaining workplace innovation. While there is no blueprint, experience from these countries provides a valuable resource for other governments grappling with the challenge of realising the vision of Europe 2020.

EUWIN is currently helping its partners in countries such as Lithuania and Portugal to build coalitions of public policymakers, social partners, business support organisations and universities to drive the workplace innovation agenda.  There is a considerable body of experience on which they can draw.

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Business Case for Workplace Innovation Employees Case for Worplace Innovation